ZPW11 F/13F Rotary Tablet Press

    This machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various kinds of granularmaterials. It is primary machine to fit batch production of tablets. During operation, the speed of the turret rotation, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adiusted. The mechanical buffer unit will prevent punches and apparatus from overload damage. A powder suction unit is attached to take in the residual powder can be eliminated and the collected powder material can be reused.


presa rotativa pentru tablete

conductoare pentru instalatii electrice
cabluri de semnalizare si control
cabluri de compensare termocupluri
cabluri pentru telecomunicatii
cabluri de energie
cabluri coaxiale
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cabluri insotitori de caldura
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Model                                     ZPW11F    ZPW13F       
Dies (sets)                                   11          13
Max.Pressure (KN)                     150         150   
Max.dia of tablet (mm)                  60        40-60   
Max.depth of tablet (mm)              35           35
Max.thickness of tablet (mm)        18           18   
Turret speed (r/m)                               6-10       
Production Capacity (pc/h)              4600-9000       
Motor (KW r/m V/Hz)                4 1440      380/50       
Overall size (mm)                      1353 x1045 x1870    
Weight (kg)                                         2600