ZPW23 Rotary Tablet Press

    This model is to press the various kinds of granular materials into the from of a tablet, with the most outstanding advantage of being able to produce irregular tablets with widely different geometrical shapes, such as double layer tablets, ring like tablets and double side engraved tablets. A total of 23 units of punches and dies can be installed in the turret, with the punch consisting of two detachable sections. In one cycle of the rotation, 23 tablets will be produced
This model is in compliance with the GMP standard on the production and management of the pharmaceuticals. The compression compartment is entirely separated from the driving mechanisms, with no painting inside the compression compartment. All spare parts to be in contact with the pharmaceuticals are made of stainless steel or with the surface being treated specially for non-toxicity and corrosion proof. The compression compartment is enclosed with transparent organic glass, to prevent contamination. The compression area can be accessed from the four sides, with all surface being smooth and easy to clean. ZPW23 Rotary Tablet Press is equipped with continuous and centralized lubrication system for the driving system, tracks and main frictional parts to be adequately lubricated, to reduce the noise and wearing for maintenance cost to be greatly reduced.


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Main Technical Specifications
Model                                                                        ZPW23
Dies (sets)                                                                   23
Max.pressure (KN)                                                      80
Max.Diameter of Tablet (mm)                                   20
Max.Filling Depth (mm)                                              18
Max.Thickness of Tablet (mm)                                   9
Diameter of the upper / lower shank (mm)            32
Length of the upper shank (mm)                         175/180
Diameter of the die (mm)                                           36
Thickness of the die (mm)                                         25
The diameter of the circle the central pitch of upper/low punches on the turret (mm)    320
Rotary speed of the turret (r/m)                                10-40
Capacity of the tablets (ten thousand tablets/h)    5.5
Overall Size (mm)                                            930X950X1850
Power (KW)                                                                    4
Weight (kg)                                                                  1500