ZP100 Rotary Tablet Press

    ZP1000 Rotary Tablet Press is a serial product widely used for pharmaceutical, food industry to produce all kinds of round tablets and irredgular tablets.
This series meets the GMP standard, Pressing chamber is utterly separated with the gear system There is no any paint in the chamber
The parts contacting with tablets are made of stainless steel or the surface of those parts are specially handled. The parts are poisonousless and rotten-resistant. The chamber is also sealed with organic glass to prevent pollution.
The gear system,the trach and the major friction parts are fully lubricated by the continual and concentrated lubrication device of the ZP1000.
It's very convenient to observe, operate the pressure, thickness feeling, speed adjustable hand wheels and all kinds of buttons, indicating lights and indicators are at the same side.
The design of ZP1000 series is reasonable. Most of parts are universal in this series. So it's easy to manage and change the spare parts The punch and dies meet the IPT standard CE certified optional, bieayen optional(ZP1034 adopts the ZP type standard tooling.)


presa rotativa pentru tablete

conductoare pentru instalatii electrice
cabluri de semnalizare si control
cabluri de compensare termocupluri
cabluri pentru telecomunicatii
cabluri de energie
cabluri coaxiale
cabluri flexibile

cabluri insotitori de caldura
conexiuni electrice
etansari terminale de cabluri
racorduri electrice si teuri

tuburi Armaflex
placi Armaflex
role autoadezive
banda autoadeziva

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Model                                                         ZPY136    ZPY129    ZPY124    ZPY134
Dies (sets)                                                     36            29                24            34
Max. Pressare (KN)                                       80            80                80            60
Max. Depth of Filling (mm)                           18            18                18            15
Max.Dia of Tablet (mm)                                13            18                 22            13
Production Capacity (ten thousand/h)      9.7           7.8               6.4            9.2
Power (KW)                                                                                 4
Hight (mm)    Without Material Vessel                                1800                    1780
Cover Space (mm2)                                                            930X950
Weight (kg)                                                                                 1400