CW Series Efficient Universal Pulverizer CW130 180 180A

    Applications and Working Principle:
This machine is a hammering type mill used to pulverize medicine, chemical materials, foodstuff and other materials with medium hardness and low viscosity. It is suitable for the production in middle and small-batches or sample experiments in laboratories. Materials are fed into the pulverizing chamber by a helical conveyer, and pulverized by the highly revolving hammers.
The machine is simple in structure and the pulverizing chamber can be assemble and dismounted easily for cleaning purposes. All the parts in the chamber which contact materials are treated specially and corrosion- resistant as a result. In addition, the pulverizing chamber of CW180 micro- mill is fitted with a cooling jacket.
Model CW180A Highly Efficient Pulverize is composed of water cooling pulverizing unit, electronic speed adjustment and screw bar feeding mechanism, vertical material collector and efficient deduster. All of the superficial parts are made of stainless steel. Thus, it features high efficiency of pulverization, fineness and uniformity of products as well as easy to clean. There will be no flying of powder. It is an ideal equipment for pulverization of materials in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Main Technical Specifications
Model                                                CW130      CW180      CW180A
Speed of Main Shaft (r/min)                   13,950      10,000       10,000
Motor of Main Shaft (KW)                    0.75/2840    2.2/2840    2.2/2840
Motor of Conveying Shaft (KW)                            0.18/1400    0.18/1400
Motor of Dedust (KW)                                                           1.1/2840
Production Capacity (kg/h)                      10-30        30-90        30-100
Number of Hammer                                   6              8               8
Max. Size of Grains (mm)                        <=5          <=5           < =5
Fineness of Processed Powder (mesh)   80-200       80-200      80-300
Weight (kg)                                            100            250          1350