RXH Series Warm Air Cycle Drying
Its work principle is that used steam or electric heating air, then made a cycling dry with heated air. There are oven dry and lower discrepancy of temperature difference in the each side of oven. In the dry course of suppling continuously flesh air and discharging hot air so that the oven might be in good condition and kept proper temperature and humidity.


presa rotativa pentru tablete

conductoare pentru instalatii electrice
cabluri de semnalizare si control
cabluri de compensare termocupluri
cabluri pentru telecomunicatii
cabluri de energie
cabluri coaxiale
cabluri flexibile

cabluri insotitori de caldura
conexiuni electrice
etansari terminale de cabluri
racorduri electrice si teuri

tuburi Armaflex
placi Armaflex
role autoadezive
banda autoadeziva

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Main Technical Specifications
Model                         RXH-5-C  RXH-14-C  RXH-27-C  RXH-27-C  RXH-41-C  RXH-41-C  RXH-54-C
Drying Quantity (kg)      60             120              240              240             360               360             480
Power (KW)                   6-9              15                30                30                45                 45                60
M, Power (KW)             0.45           0.45          0.45 x 2        0.45x2        0.45 x 3       0.45 x 3        0.45x4
Wind Power (m3/h)    4510          4510            9020            9020         13530         13530          18040
Used Steam (kg/h)       15               20                40                 40              60                  60                80
Oven Plate                      24               48                96                 96             144                144             192