JFJ Series Crushing Granulator

   Main Applications
Pharmacy: Raw material smashes, wet material makes a granule, does the tablet expecting that the entire granule, discrepancy demand, requires the size reclaiming the degree making use of a pellet but pushing down to demand to carry out the entire granule.
Food: The broken to pieces reclaim makes use of biscuit. Other: Thick shape raw material broken to pieces and entire granule, form of block raw material broken to pieces and entire granule, packing raw material decomposition.
Working Principle
The raw material processing enters the feed mouth queen, drop-in cone-shape workroom crushing entire granule machine. The knife turning round from revolution gets the whorl stream effect to raw material, a pellet is cast aside and with the centrifugal force to screen mesh face, shear an effect at the same time since knife vertiginate and screen mesh turning round come into being face to face, the pellet is smashed becoming the small pellet and is discharged after sieve net in the knife turning round and the sieve net. Come broken to pieces granular size, the eye number from screen mesh, to measure spacing and the the speed returning to a rotation rate between the knife and screen mesh turning round.


presa rotativa pentru tablete

conductoare pentru instalatii electrice
cabluri de semnalizare si control
cabluri de compensare termocupluri
cabluri pentru telecomunicatii
cabluri de energie
cabluri coaxiale
cabluri flexibile

cabluri insotitori de caldura
conexiuni electrice
etansari terminale de cabluri
racorduri electrice si teuri

tuburi Armaflex
placi Armaflex
role autoadezive
banda autoadeziva

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Main Technical Specifications

Mode                                         JFJ150    JFJ300    JFJ400    JFJ500    JFJ700    JFJ1000
Production Capacity (kg/h)    15-150    30-300    45-450     60-550    70-700    100-100
Fineness (mesh)                      60-80      60-80      60-80       60-80       60-80       60-80
ft( C )                                              <30          <30         <30           <30          <30          <30
Power (KW)                                   1.5            1.5           2.2              3               3            5.5