V Series Efficient Mixer
This Mixer is applicable for mixing powdery or granular materials in pharmaceutical and other industries.
It consists of two v-type cylinders of different altitudes, and through mechanical transmission the materials in these cylinders are made to move back and forth and turn over again and again. Thereby achieving the goal of uniform mixing.
This Mixer has the following distinguishing features, no blind angle in the cylinders, no accumulation of materials, high speed, and short mixing time. With the body made of stainless steel and both inner and outer walls polished, the cylinders have elegant appearance, the charging of materials can be made either by manual operation or through vacuum suction. For discharging, rotating valves and rapid swivel heads are adopted


presa rotativa pentru tablete

conductoare pentru instalatii electrice
cabluri de semnalizare si control
cabluri de compensare termocupluri
cabluri pentru telecomunicatii
cabluri de energie
cabluri coaxiale
cabluri flexibile

cabluri insotitori de caldura
conexiuni electrice
etansari terminale de cabluri
racorduri electrice si teuri

tuburi Armaflex
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banda autoadeziva

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Main Technical Specifications

sn-t        Specification  Max Capacity    Rotor Speed     Power   Overall dimensions  Weight
Mode             (m3)                  (L)                    r.p.m            (KW)               (mm)                    (kg)
V-5                0.005                2                        15                0.37            460X160X400            40
V-30              0.03                 12                       15                0.37            980X320X880            75
V-50              0.05                 20                       15                0.37           1250X450X1060       100
V-100            0.10                 40                       15                0.75          1450X800X1300        200
V-150            0.15                 60                       15                0.75          1620X1400X1700      250
V-200            0.2                   80                       15                 1.1            1800X1500X1900      300
V-300            0.3                  120                      15                 1.5            2100X1600X2400      450
V-500            0.5                  200                      15                 1.5            2200X2000X2800      500
V-1000          1                     400                      12                 2.2            3100X2300X3100      700
V-1500        1.5                    600                     10                    3             3420X2600X3500      900
V-2000          2                     800                     10                    3             3700X2800X3550    1000
V-3000          3                   1200                      9                     4             4200X2850X3800    1100